Maurice Lacroix Eliros Sunshine

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Maurice Lacroix Eliros Sunshine

The Maurice Lacroix Eliros has always been linked with the notion of style. Over the years, it has been dressed in an array of colours, sometimes encompassing rich textures to augment appeal. Now, the Swiss watch brand is pleased to unveil a new, special edition Eliros that unites a pyramidal motif with sumptuous sunny shades. This indulgent timepiece is intended for individuals who seek pleasure in everything they do. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Eliros Sunshine.

With the advent of the Eliros Sunshine, Maurice Lacroix has shunned conservative tones in favour of warm golden hues and fabulously rich textures. Indeed, the surface of the dial and the accompanying strap are endowed with a pyramidal texture. While the sapphire crystal, positioned front of house, protects inquisitive fingers from probing the dial surface, the strap invites the wearer to caress its tactile form.

The dial and strap are coloured using an immersion technique, ensuring both components perfectly match. The packaging for the watch can also be used as a handy bag. The M logo features on the dial, strap and bag, affirming this watch is a Maurice Lacroix, a brand synonymous with Swiss quality.

Measuring 40mm in diameter, the generous scale of the dial augments readability while delivering unisex appeal. Leaf-shaped hour and minute hands, along with a slender centre seconds hand, convey the essentials of time. Yellow golden shades, often associated with opulence, are widely employed throughout. There is no need to wind the watch each day, the quartz movement takes care of this.

This latest expression of Eliros ownership is simple to read, precise and delivers high perceived value. But most of all, it’s notably stylish, sidesteps mediocrity and subscribes to the belief that ‘life is for living’. We implore pleasure seekers to form an orderly queue for one of the hottest watches this season, the Eliros Sunshine.

(Images © Maurice Lacroix)