Marta Bassino Conquers Mountains

Press Release

Marta Bassino Conquers Mountains

Maurice Lacroix is proud to welcome one of the most talented Italian giant slalom skiers to its circle of friends: Marta Bassino.

While some try skiing for the first time at 4 years old, Marta Bassino was already hitting the slopes at the age of 2. It was up in the Italian mountains that the young athlete, with the help of her trainer father, learned to love the sport, which combines a sense of freedom and adrenaline. This fascinating hobby quickly became her profession. But working her way to the top of the podium was a challenge that demanded relentless perseverance and training from the sportswoman, who is a member of the Italian Winter Sports Federation. “It requires a lot of sacrifices. Gaining time requires years of training. I’ve experienced defeat and have had to work continuously before I was able to achieve my first medal. Your mindset is an essential ally.”

The Time To Beat…

For this 23-year-old sportswoman who excels in giant slalom, watchmaking and skiing are inextricably linked. “Every second counts in my work! To achieve victory, I have to pay attention to several factors: the precision of the movement, its elegance and quality. Those are the things that allow me to perform well. The same is true for watchmaking: the quality and precision of a watch enable its success.” An inevitable link, but above all she is a passionate and talented woman with a winning spirit... That’s all that was needed for Maurice Lacroix to decide to welcome the athlete to its friends of the brand, as explained by Stéphane Waser, Managing Director. “Marta conveys an image in line with our values. She is dynamic and persistent. She gives herself the means to achieve her victory goals. We love this state of mind and we hope to encourage her along this path.”

Delighted to come to Saignelégier in Switzerland - a country where she loves to train - Marta has been impressed by the brand’s vision, especially its watchword: Success is a journey, not a destination. “I love the idea that the Manufacture creates links with destinies and hopes that it joins on the path to success. When it comes to the watches, they are really similar to me... especially the AIKON 35 mm: it’s feminine and filled with character,” she says.

Numerous challenges await the sportswoman as the season is in full swing. This winter, the athlete will traverse mountains to try and win gold... all challenges ahead which will be closely followed by the Maurice Lacroix brand!