Maurice Lacroix continues the extraordinary adventure with Wallpaper*

Press Release

Maurice Lacroix continues the extraordinary adventure with Wallpaper*

A few years ago, Maurice Lacroix decided to partner with Wallpaper* and embarked on an exciting adventure which consisted in reinventing the Pontos watch thanks to the participation of extraordinary designers.

This year, it was Jean Nouvel and Oki Sato, of Nendo, who had the responsibility to reinterpret the design of the Pontos Day Date. The Pontos collection is a subtle mix of Swiss Savoir Faire and high-tech material. Its pure aesthetic perfectly combines craftsmanship and design.

Jean Nouvel’s take on Pontos was to strip it down to its core identity by putting the raw material at the center of his design, thus reaffirming the natural elegance of the Pontos. In his own words, “I wanted to highlight the object’s characteristic of simplicity, using the plainest numerals possible, the most slender hands, and glass with as little shine and reflectivity as possible.”

Oki Sato’s work was all about integration. Echoing the architecture of the modern domestic space, his Pontos doubles as a Cuckoo clock in a very sleek design: “Because I wanted something that really blends into a room, I chose a matt white with a bit of pink gold as detailing”.

Discover great shots of the designs in the next issue of Wallpaper*, which will be available on November 28th and follow us on social media to discover more about this extraordinary partnership!