Maurice Lacroix FIABA Valentine - #SHAREYOURLOVE

Press Release

Maurice Lacroix FIABA Valentine - #SHAREYOURLOVE

The FIABA Valentine is a romantic expression of femininity and a celebration of love. Its slim lines capture a moment, a time when love is in your heart and affection is in your thoughts.

Maurice Lacroix has expertly crafted a fashionable, glamorous timepiece imbued with a slender profile and sensuous curves. The 32mm stainless steel features a 4N PVD bezel and a large spinel set within the crown.

When casting a stone into a still pond, beautiful ripples are formed. This motif of con- centric circles is tastefully replicated by the ‘wat er drop’ guilloche pattern dial of the FIABA Valentine. The 11 natural polished diamonds emulate the glinting sun kissing the surface of water, granting a heart-warming vista for all romantics to savor.

The rose gold plated leaf-shaped hands gracefully express meaning in a stylish man- ner. The convenience proffered by the quartz movement allows the wearer to focus on matters of the heart.

The gentle caress of the Premium Silk burgundy strap provides a reassuring union with the wrist. Its M logo is illustrative of the love and care expended on this most contem- porary of watches. 

Isn’t it time to #SHAREYOURLOVE?

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