Maurice Lacroix Is Proud To Welcome Spanish Professional Badminton Player Carolina Marín To Its Crew

Press Release

Maurice Lacroix Is Proud To Welcome Spanish Professional Badminton Player Carolina Marín To Its Crew

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to welcome Spanish badminton player, Carolina Marín to the ML Crew. Carolina, a multiple world champion and Olympic gold medalist, joins a group of talented individuals from around the globe who share an affinity with the Maurice Lacroix brand.

Carolina Marín was born in Huelva, Spain but has spent many years living in Madrid. Here she hones her badminton skills and trains in the gym twice per day. In her childhood, Carolina enjoyed flamenco and badminton, but at the age of 12 she had to choose and elected to focus on the latter. She is clearly driven, manifest by her decision to leave her friends and family, aged just 14, and pursue her dream of Olympic glory. Carolina received a gold medal at the Olympics in 2016 and won the world championships in 2018.

When chatting to Carolina her affable nature comes to the fore. She perpetually smiles and reveals an endearing sense of humour. However, don’t underestimate her resolve, she lives to win and continues to crave additional medals. Moreover, when asked about her playing style, she freely admits that she is an ‘attacking player’. She goes on to explain that players need to react with explosive alacrity and change direction at breathtaking speed.

Interestingly, Carolina utters two words that will resonate with any watchmaker, ‘precision’ and ‘timing’. She explains the importance of striking the shuttlecock precisely, placing it on the opponent’s side of the court with laser-like accuracy. And timing, well that’s about reading the game and predicting the trajectory of the shuttlecock quicker than her rival and preparing the counter shot sooner.

When asked, Carolina explains she yearns for a watch that can accompany her at all times. “Ideally, I want a watch that I can wear when I play, train or socialise away from the world of badminton. The Maurice Lacroix AIKON appeals to me as it is contemporary, urban and sporty. What I like about Maurice Lacroix is it makes quality products that deliver incredible value for money.”

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, stated, “Carolina has an impressive track record, she shares our values. For example, she is focussed, determined and ambitious. We are delighted to welcome Carolina to the ML Crew.”

And lastly, what is the next step for Carolina? Unfortunately, due to a knee injury, Carolina needed to undergo surgery and won’t be able to compete at this year’s Olympics. Although she has trained hard and was well prepared, she keeps positive while staying true to Maurice Lacroix’s motto: Life is a journey, not a destination. She states: “This is another blow that I have to deal with, but I will certainly be back. We were excited and knew that I would be on the best shape for the Olympics. It won ́t be possible. I know that I ́m in safe hands and that I have a lot of people by my side. Be sure I will be back stronger than ever.” Of course, Maurice Lacroix will support her every step of the way.

(Images © Maurice Lacroix)