Maurice Lacroix & Team Lausanne 3X3

Press Release

Maurice Lacroix & Team Lausanne 3X3

Maurice Lacroix is proud to announce that Team Lausanne 3X3 has joined its friends of the brand. The watch manufacture wants to support the talented basketball team in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

«Ambitious, talented, well-connected... it was an easy decision for Maurice Lacroix to link up with the members of Lausanne 3x3, who share our values», enthused Stéphane Waser, the brand’s Managing Director. «We want to build a relationship with the team long term, while helping the players towards achieving their Olympic medal goal!»

The team is made up of Natan Jurkovitz, Gilles Martin, Marco Lehmann and Westher Molteni; they come from all over Switzerland but are united by one common goal... to qualify for 3x3 basketball at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The talented Team Lausanne 3X3 already made a name for itself by reaching the finals of the Lausanne leg of the highly respected FIBA 3X3 World Tour in 2017 and qualifying for the world final of the FIBA 3X3 World Tour in Beijing. Team Lausanne 3x3 finished in seventh place at the event, ending the 2017 season with an admirable position in the world top 10.

Looking To The Future Together

Along with this collaboration, the Maurice Lacroix brand wants to share the achievements of these young champions with the public on social media and via the brand’s website. «We shall be keeping you up to date with how the team get on in Switzerland and internationally, throughout their journey», confirmed Stéphane Waser. On visiting the watchmaking Manufacture in Saignelégier, the athletes were fascinated to discover the painstaking work carried out there, «Time is as important in watchma- king as it is in our own discipline. Essentially, every minute counts on the court. Time can be our friend, as well as our enemy. We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Maurice Lacroix. The brand is dyna- mic and cutting-edge, which is totally aligned with our understanding of modern watchmaking!», said Westher Molteni, one of the players in the team. Team members were given the opportunity to select the watch that they wanted to support them in their future exploits. Understandably, they all chose the AIKON Automatic collection. Sporty, as well as modern and contemporary, not to mention robust, this model is the perfect accessory to set our Swiss athletes on the path to victory!

«Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination»

More than a slogan, this is a true value for the Maurice Lacroix brand, whose approach to modern watchmaking is decidedly forward-looking. Maurice Lacroix watches have been being made at the manufacture’s pioneering workshops for over 40 years. All the elements essential to creating exceptional watches of high perceived value are brought together there: watchmaking savoir-faire, skilled artisans, industry expertise and technological capabilities, not to mention real commitment to quality. Over the years, the Manufacture has won more than a dozen prestigious awards. The brand continues to flourish, building on the winning formula of quality, reliability, ingenuity and determination, reflected in its original designs backed by patented technology. Maurice Lacroix’s fresh perspective on time is designed to set customers up for success.

Team Lausanne 3x3: #YOURTIMEISNOW!