Maurice Lacroix Unveil The New Vintage Look Eliros For 2019

Press Release – Geneva Day 2019

Maurice Lacroix Unveil The New Vintage Look Eliros For 2019

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to announce the release of two new versions of the Eliros, the ‘Date’ and the ‘Chronograph’. The new vintage look Eliros models feature sumptuous hand brushed dials. Each dial is unique, providing a wonderful degree of individuality. Consistent with all Maurice Lacroix watches, these new models pair Swiss craftsmanship with iconic design, while remaining accessibly priced.

Every person likes to be considered an individual. For many years, luxury brands have recognised this by offering bespoke creations which confer a degree of exclusivity. Alas, this individuality often comes at a cost. That is until now.

Maurice Lacroix, the Swiss luxury brand synonymous with value, is pleased to unveil two new versions of the Eliros, each endowed with a unique dial. The Eliros is available in both ‘Date’ and ‘Chronograph’ variants. These models will fulfil the desires of any stylish wearer.

The Eliros Date

The new Eliros Date is presented with a dark grey dial, brushed by hand. This surface treatment means no two dials are the same, resulting in a high degree of exclusivity. The grey hue of the dial brims with sophistication and exhibits a ‘retro’ appearance. The case, hands and indexes are presented in 4N PVD coating, imbuing the watch with a warm, elegant appearance.

The 40mm case is enriched with a combination of polished and brushed surfaces providing the model with an incredibly sumptuous feel. The Eliros Date is endowed with a high precision quartz movement which requires little user input, proving ideal for daily wear. A brown ‘vintage look’ calf leather strap completes this stylish ensemble.

The Eliros Chronograph

The Eliros Chronograph features a hand-brushed grey dial. Once again, the surface treatment of the dial ensures each watch has a unique appearance. Where the Date has an elegant look, the Chronograph is decidedly sporty. At the heart of this model is a highly precise quartz movement, ideal for measuring elapsed time when seconds really count. Similar to its sibling, the Eliros Date, this chronograph model is 40mm in diameter and employs 4N PVD coating on the case, hands and indexes.

Express Your Self

Once again, Maurice Lacroix recognises that potential wearers may wish to express their own style. The innovative Easychange system allows the wearer to easily swap their watch strap for an alternative, thereby personalising the watch further. Maurice Lacroix is proud of its iconic designs and its legendary Swiss craftsmanship. It is for these reasons that the watches feature the brand’s ‘M’ logo on the dial and strap.

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