Maurice Lacroix Unveils The AIKON Venturer In Korea!

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Maurice Lacroix Unveils The AIKON Venturer In Korea!

Maurice Lacroix was very proud to present its 2019 collection to the trendiest movers & shakers in Seoul! The guests and VIPs were welcomed by Mr. Stéphane Waser, CEO of the brand for this exclusive preview of the Aikon Venturer.

Among the guests, the popular Korean actor Kim, Young-Kwang was present and shared his enthusiasm for what he feels is the coolest Swiss Luxury Brand. «I can say that Maurice Lacroix is absolutely young, energetic and luxury features compared to its reasonable price. That’s a strength that makes Maurice Lacroix special .» Explained Kim, Young-Kwang.

The unconventional 8D Cafe was the perfect, urban set-up to present the 2019 novelties, also including the AIKON Automatic Chronograph Limited edition and the world premiere AIKON Mercury, featuring a captivating in-house mechanical movement patented by the Swiss Manufacture. Following the enthusiasm of the guest, we dare to say that the new collection will be highly sought-after in Korea. «We were pleased to be back in trendy Seoul to present our latest Aikon novelties. The reception has been exceptional, and we look forward to continued success in 2018 in Korea!» explained Stephane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix.

The Maurice Lacroix AIKON Venturer

The AIKON concept takes on a new shape. After AIKON Quartz in 2016 and the automatic line in 2018 comes the AIKON Venturer. It features all the components of...

The Maurice Lacroix AIKON concept takes on a new shape with the AIKON VENTURER

Maurice Lacroix unveils the AIKON Venturer in Korea

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