Maurice Lacroix, The Watch Of Champions

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Maurice Lacroix, The Watch Of Champions

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to announce it is the Official Timekeeper of the World Triathlon Championship Series. For 2 years, the Manufacture will accompany the world’s best athletes as they compete in events around the globe, exploring the limits of human performance.

Triathlon can trace its origins back to 1974 when the San Diego Track Club conceived the event as an alternative to track training. The first event comprised of a 5.3-mile run, a 5-mile cycle and a 600-yard swim. Thereafter, triathlons grew in popularity, leading to the formation of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) in 1989. The first ITU Triathlon World Championship was held the same year, when the event format consisted of the 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run that continues to this day.

In October 2020, ITU was officially rebranded as World Triathlon in order to better represent the global triathlon family at every level of the sport.

In 2021, several events around the world will comprise the World Triathlon Championship Series, attracting the finest athletes on the planet who have to excel in all three disciplines and efficiently transition from one discipline to the next. It is essential that each competitor is prepared to explore the limits of human performance if they want medal-winning success. Maurice Lacroix will join these elite athletes every step of the way, often competing in great cities around the globe, clearly motivated and continuously striving for glory.

As Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of the Swiss brand explained, “It is an honour for Maurice Lacroix to be the Official Timekeeper of the World Triathlon Championship Series for the next two years. We have always recognised the importance of being ambitious and focussed, traits we embrace in our company and share in common with these highly competitive athletes. The events will take place in a number of fascinating cities, upholding our company’s desire to associate the Maurice Lacroix brand with the vitality of urban life in the long term.”

Stéphane Waser went on to say, “Prior to each event, every competitor has spent many hours training and honing their skills in each of the disciplines. Likewise, we have expended much time and effort refining our products, ensuring we deliver iconic design and high perceived value. Similar to the finest athletes, we are innovative and continue to crave more success. It is these shared values which made the World Triathlon Championship Series a logical partner for Maurice Lacroix.”

World Triathlon President and IOC member, Marisol Casado commented: “We are so pleased to announce that Maurice Lacroix has been appointed the Official Timekeeper of the World Triathlon Championship Series. We are delighted to welcome such a prestigious new partner to the World Triathlon family and to work with them during such an important Olympic and Paralympic year.”

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