Mayk Azzato – Time Is Luxury

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Mayk Azzato – Time Is Luxury

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to welcome director and photographer Mayk Azzato to the ML Crew. In his frequently admired and award-winning photography and films featuring famous names known world- wide, he brings together German precision and Italian creativity. He recently joined the Maurice Lacroix crew, finding himself in good company with other extremely talented people from the fields of art, culture and sport. They all share a special affinity for the brand Maurice Lacroix.

Mayk Azzato is a photographer and director. Born in Italy, he now lives in Frankfurt and has enjoyed an unprecedented career in the film and photography industry over the past few decades. After being forced to give up his career as a professional athlete due to a serious injury in his youth, he made use of his good network and his even better eye for aesthetics and began portraying actors. He – unintentionally – followed in the footsteps of his father, who was also a gifted photographer. Throughout his career, he has photographed numerous internationally well-known actors, models and footballers. Personalities inclu- ding rapper Snoop Dogg, Bill Clinton and star violinist David Garett have also been in front of his lens. His photographs offer the perfect balance between German precision and Italian creativity. “Every job is unique, you always take something with you,” Mayk explains. And every experience is a valuable one, helping him to further advance his skills.

People and still life are his speciality. “You have to capture the zeitgeist, create interesting, on point perspectives and, thereby, inspire.” Azzato has worked on films like The Arrival with Kevin Costner, as a director and producer, as well as producing his own films featuring big names, such as Toni Garrn. His latest work ‘My Name is Josy’ (Online: is an exciting thriller due to premiere on 5th October 2021 at Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt with lots of famous faces in attendance. The art-house short film tells the story of a young woman from Hollywood. Fittingly, Mayk Azzato managed to get Hollywood actors like Michael Bowen (Django Unchained) and Noah Segan (Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi) on board for the film. He cast the German actress Josefine König as the female lead, who is also making a name for herself in Hollywood as a rising star. ‘My Name is Josy’ has already received 30 international awards, including the Los Angeles Film Award Best Thriller 2020 and the New York Movie Award Best Thriller 2019. His previous works have also received numerous awards. Mayk is planning many new projects for the future, including a film that had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Best Time Is Always"

“We’ve known Mayk for a long time and are so pleased that he is now a member of the ML Crew,” says Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix. “Just like us, he is constantly on the lookout for inspiration, reinventing himself again and again – true to our mantra ‘success is a journey, not a destination’,” continues Waser. The artist also sees many parallels between his work and that of Mau- rice Lacroix. “The product has to be appealing. Design, aesthetics and the combination of colours are extremely important. Styles are changing ever faster thanks to social media and classic things have to be reinterpreted.” For Mayk, time is a finite resource and having time is a luxury. The times he has spent travelling were some of the most valuable to him. In keeping with his urban lifestyle, Mayk likes travelling to Los Angeles.

“Maurice Lacroix is a modern luxury brand that moves forward and with the times, I like that very much.” Mayk’s favourite watch is the AIKON Automatic Chronograph Sprint. The watch is subtle and still exudes that certain something. He is not a fan of digital watches as, for him, watches are pieces of jewellery. He prefers wearing sneakers and a watch – a reflection of the man’s lifestyle. So, there aren’t just watches in his wardrobe but also 250 pairs of sneakers.

YOUR TIME IS NOW, Mayk Azzato, with Maurice Lacroix!

(Images © Maurice Lacroix)