PRE-BASELWORLD 2017: Masterpiece Gravity Blue

PRE-BASELWORLD 2017: Masterpiece Gravity Blue

Let creativity inspire you.

When the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity was launched at Baselworld 2014, it was the first timepiece to feature a fully silicium assortment. Since 1975, Maurice Lacroix has been at the vanguard of horological creativity, embracing new technologies, depicting time using thought-provoking design and harnessing fine Swiss craftsmanship.

The 43mm Masterpiece Gravity inspires and challenges convention. It is an innovative timepiece, at the cutting-edge of progress, which does not merely convey time but emotionally engages with the wearer with creative expression. It presents its oscillator and assortment center stage on the dial side of the watch. The spectacle of seeing the oscillator beating, along with the pallet lever moving, is mesmerising and emits an attractive force few can resist.

The blue lacquered off-center hour and minutes display is paired with rhodium- plated hour and minute hands. Sitting below the hour and minutes display, masterfully exploiting depths, is a small seconds display featuring a matching blue sub dial and cheerful red hand. The main plate of the movement is adorned with 'Vagues du Jura' motif and wonderfully augments the beauty of this artistic masterpiece.

Can you resist the allure of blue?

YOUR TIME IS NOW. Let creativity inspire you.

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