Senay Gueler, The Chameleon

Press Release

Senay Gueler, The Chameleon

Maurice Lacroix is pleased to welcome multi-talented artist Senay Gueler to the MLCrew. A renowned DJ, he is accustomed to playing sets to legions of fans around the world. He recently joined Maurice Lacroix’s team of talented individuals who all share an affinity with the brand.

It is impossible to define Senay Gueler, as he is both a philanthropist and a multi-talented artist. DJ, model, actor, writer... he is one of those individuals who successfully participates in several fields simultaneously. As Senay puts it, “When I was 14, I witnessed my two brothers, who are DJs, doing mixes. I loved what they were doing and began creating my own sounds and performing in front of an ever growing crowd. It was the same with cinema, one day, I was walking down the street and a film director came to me and said that I was the person he was looking for. That’s how my career in cinema began.”

A coincidence, certainly, but these opportunities required much effort to develop and drew upon Senay’s artistic flair, passion and notable perfectionism. “It’s all about timing, I morph into a different character and immerse myself completely in that role. I totally commit myself to each role I play”, remarks the gifted artist.

Senay says, “In my opinion, a watch is very similar. I am fascinated with these little machines. The model I choose to wear is determined by the role I wish to play. I am lucky because Maurice Lacroix makes several watches encompassing original and urban designs, allowing me to match my timepiece to my mood.”

“When I witnessed the brand’s know-how and discovered the precision and accessible luxury synonymous with its products, I immediately felt an affinity with the brand.”

Since then, Senay never leaves home without a Maurice Lacroix watch. “One obvious reason, among others, that made Senay a perfect candidate for the ML Crew,” explains Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, “was that he is daring, not afraid of challenges and he frequently thinks outside the box. We love his conquering spirit, his creativity and his open-mindedness. It is for these reasons that Senay proved an obvious choice for the ML Crew.”

The multi-talented artist has a relentless thirst for creativity. He recently released a new single, a contemporary re-make of Sarah Connor’s hit ‘From Zero to Hero’ co-produced with her partner John August. He is also one of the first German artists to join the label of rapper Eric B. and he is represented globally by Sony Music/The Orchard. This new musical adventure has already delivered much success.

(Images © Christopher Schmidt Official)